As Scottish Football’s governing body you would think the SFA would be doing their utmost to help and promote the country’s only European representative. In any other footballing nation, that would be the case.

However, we’re talking about Scotland here. A place where corruption is the game’s middle name. A place where the bowling club mentality of the football association is plain for all to see.

Last Thursday night Celtic played host to Zenit St Petersburg in the last 32 of the Europa League, at Celtic Park. The champions are the only club leaft in Europe after all the others faltered long before the clocks went back. Celtic’s progress is as important to the standing of our game as it is to the prestige of the club.

Having a club still in Europe after Christmas is a big deal. The SFA and the SMSM should have all been geared to promote the hell out of chances, and get right behind us.

Instead, the paraocial stooges at Hampden decided to take the limelight off the Hoops and announce a tax cheat, Alex McLeish, as the national manager. The morals of those who occupy the 6th floor at the National Stadium have never been anything but shady, to say the least, but to announce EBT McLeish on Thursday was a slap in the face to not only Celtic, but every Celtic fan.

They had all the time in the world to appoint a new manager, God knows they’ve fecked about long enough, but chose to show their utter contempt for our club with their stunt last Thursday.

The fact it’s McLeish can wait for another day. I just hope when it comes round to providing players for future Scottish internationals, the gaffer let those selected know that as far as we’re concerned, Celtic come first.