We’ve all heard the radio ads, “If you’re aged between 50 and 75 and suffer from memory loss…..”.

There’s obviously a market for products that can help with such things, and after the evidence given by them at the Craig Whyte fraud trial, David Murray, Walter Smith and Ally McCoist seem to be prime prospects.

On countless occasions during the trial at Glasgow’s High Court, the three amigos have utter the very same words, ‘I don’t recall‘ followed by attending that meeting, reading that email or a conversation that’s taken place.

Sometimes a combination of all three!

This handy phrase seems to have been used when defence QC Donald Findlay has asked a very pertinent or awkward question of the witnesses.

And on every occasion, when the witness has tried to wriggle out of an answer, good old lamp chops provides a hard copy of evidence, along with a stern reminder of who’s boss in the court. He’s playing a blinder.

As the case goes on, it’s clear the business dealings of Rangers (IL) particularly from 2009, was an absolute shambles.

With still a long time and a lot of evidence yet to be presented, one thing’s for sure, the memory loss business will be booming come the end of the trial…