The cover-up over the Biggest Cheating Scandal in British Sporting history is well and truly underway.

With the football authorities, the SFA, SPFL, and the SMSM all singing from the same hymn sheet about moving one, it appears only the fans can make anyone sit up and take notice.

Most clubs, including Celtic, seem to be sleepwalking their way into a disaster as fans are becoming more and more disillusioned with a game that is quite blatantly rigged. And I’m not talking about another home cup draw for the Ibrox side.

While the clubs remain inactive, making the sponsors sit up and take notice could be a way to bring to attention of the people who put money into the game. They obviously invest money in our game to get a return, so if the fans, and I;m not just talking Celtic fans here, were to boycott the competition’s they sponsor, then they might think again about their involvement.

Now I know boycotting anything that concerns Celtic is a highly emotive issue, but there seems to be little movement from our Board to address the systematic cheating that corrupted our game.

And the only way to make anyone take notice is by hitting them in the pocket.

With the news that Andrew Dickson, one of the architects of the side letter scam, is returning to the SFA, shows the game in Scotland doesn’t want to move forward. Those who run the show are happy to sweep the cheating years under the carpet.

Well maybe it’s time the fans voted with their feet, starting with next week’s BetFred Cup games. And in our case, the game against Kilmarnock.