Tynecastle, the home of Heart of Midlothian is often described as having a ‘unique  atmosphere’, mainly due to the close proximity of the fans to the pitch.

However, this close proximity brings it’s own problems, especially when the stands are inhabited with thugs and morons as we saw at Celtic’s title winning party in Gorgie yesterday.

In clear view of the stewards, police and cameras, a few Hearts fans could be seen spitting on Hoops defender Mikel Lustig as he tried to retrieve the ball to take a throw in over the far side of the stadium.

Mikel has to be commended for keeping his cool under such provocation, I’m not sure I could.

This incident comes only a few months after another Jambo thug tried to punch Scott Sinclair as he ran behind the goal, after he score the winner the last time the champions visited Tynecastle.

And who can forget the assault of former manager Neil Lennon in front of a full TV audience?

Hearts owner Ann Budge ha be very vocal on previous occasions about the Celtic support, yet continues to ignore the elephant in the room, her own mindless thugs.

If she wishes to be taken seriously, she should bring these nutters to book. It won’t be hard to identify them, after all, there are clear TV pictures for a start.

She should then give Celtic Football Club assurances regarding the safety of our staff. They obviously have a problem but don’t seem willing to address it.