It looks like Maryhill was the place to be yesterday, as the newly promoted Sevco capped a great first season in the top flight, with as the radio put it, ‘a top four finish and European football’, although the second part is debatable.

Two late goals secured all three points for the new club, coming from behind against their nearest rivals, Partick Thistle,  in the Glasgow Derby.

The win was a massive relief for the manager, who despite having the best squad of players in Scotland, saw his team humiliated in their two previous matches, at Hampden and Ibrokes, against champions Celtic.

TV pictures showed the Portuguese throw off his normally cool exterior, to celebrate the late win by jumping about mad with his assistants, like a massive weight was taken off his shoulders.

This in part will be to deflect from his tactical genius, (his substitute, the £6m rated McKay scored the equaliser) that will no doubt be compared to his hugely successful predecessors Sally and Warbiola, although Pedro IS performing these mini-miracles without the need of a magic hat.

The late win also sparked jubilation among the away support, who decided to grace the Firhill pitch with a mini-invasion of sorts. Unlike the previous week, no opposing player was accosted or racially abused, probably because they won.

Ecstatic, the ‘fans’ left the pitch to continue with where they left off with their Bigotfest.

Reaching such dizzy heights will only serve as a reminder that ‘the gap’ isn’t as big as some thought. It’s only a mere 36 points and 61 goals.

If only the season lasted a wee bit longer…