It’s a strange phenomenen and one that’s particular to football fans. For some reason, players who don’t play, whether it’s due to loss of form, injury or formation change, all of a sudden become better players.

Sometimes in the eye of the fan better than the guy holding down a place in the team!

Yet when the player returns, the reverse happens, now the very same fans want the other guy back in. And it’s nothing new, it’s been going on as long as I can remember watching football. This week it’s Greg Taylor. After a so called couple of poor games, although he did have an assist for the first goal on Wednesday night, Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo has suddenly become Celtic’s equivilent to Roberto Carlos! (famous Brazilian full back, for younger readers!)

A couple of months ago it was Scott Sinclair. Before that? take your pick….

Personally, I prefer to let manager Neil Lennon decide who to pick. he sees them every day in training, he’ll know what fitness level their at, or even if they have soemthing else hanging around them.

And so far, he’s got more right than wrong, the only people who think they get it right every time are the fans who THINK they know better. And there’s plenty of them, not just at Celtic….