Since the Supreme Court made their ruling on Wednesday morning that Rangers were guilty of using EBT’s illegally, there has been a real concerted effort by most, not all, of the hacks in the Scottish Mainstream Sports Media to convince the public there’s ‘no appetite’ for the stripping of titles.

That despite various clubs, and their fans issuing statements to the contrary, and a number of social media and online polls all showing massively in favour of some sort of recourse.

To make their stance more convincing, they’ve asked to opinions of either conflicted individuals or those who stand to lose from any title stripping.

Ally McCoist, Gordon Smith are but two former employees of the Oldco who’s opinion has been sought, yet those who were cheated have been totally ignored.

BBC in particular are keen to reprint statements from Club 1872 and the chairman of Sevco but won’t even comment on the response from the Celtic Trust or Dundee United’s Arab Trust, both representing members who paid good money to see their respective teams cheated.

If Chris McLaughlin told us once, he must have told us a dozen times, the clubs have ‘no appetite’ for title stripping. Same as in 2012 he told us the clubs would be happy to let Sevco into the top division. How did that work out Chris?

So, what I and probably many more fans would like to know, just who is behind this ‘no appetite’ agenda?

I’m sure we’ve all got our own ideas…..