Scottish football’s governing body, the SFA, have once again shown a distinct lack of understanding when it comes to leading our game.

In a week where we’ve had Celtic players racially abused, physically attacked and missiles thrown at them at Ibrox, they have chosen to speak out about NONE of the above, but Celtic’s statement over Scottish Cup Final tickets.

Just like they totally ignored the Offshore Game Report into the Rangers (IL) tax affairs, they have conveniently brushed the incidents of last week.

As they do week in, week out with the anti-Catholic and anti-Irish singing from the home support.

Their priorities are totally flawed. When UEFA order them to comply with their No To Racism days, they duly oblige, yet they do absolutely nothing to tackle the day to day problems in the game.

Unless they want to make an example of someone, like they did with on loan Bulgarian Alesander Tonev, when they chose to ban him under the ‘balance of probabilities’  when Aberdeen’s Shay Logan claimed he was racially abused by the player, yet there were no witnesses.

If he DID, then he should have had the book thrown at him, there is no place in society, never mind football for racism of any sort, but my point is, there was no proof, yet the SFA punished him regardless.

With that in mind, why don’t they act on the singing of racist and sectarian songs at Ibrox, or anywhere else for that matter? Are they frightened to deal with the new club and their moronic fans? Are they happy to ignore the chants, because they don’t see anything wrong with them?

No matter the reason, this organisation that has the cheek to define if someone is ‘Fit and Proper’ to hold office at a Scottish Football club, are themselves unfit to hold office.

A backward group of administrators who know nothing about the modern game, or modern life for that matter, stuck in the workings of the old regimes.

Our game can only progress when the current incumbents leave their posts and new people come in. Until then, we’re going back the way..