How we laughed when former Sevco manager Mark ‘Magic Hat’ Warburton came out with his delusional assessment that if Celtic hadn’t won as many games as we have, and his team had won more, then there wouldn’t be such a big gap.

I’m sure it was only 19/20 points of a difference at the time of his claim.

A gap he later said didn’t exist!

All that was missing was the men in white coats, to take him away for his own safety, or sanity.

But now it looks like he has an apprentice….

The fairly new Hearts (Diets) manager Ian Cathro, maybe in an effort to outdo Warbo, has come out with an even more outrageous statement that if Celtic and Hearts had played on Sunday ‘without posts’ then the Edinburgh team were a match for the champions.

It’s difficult to go on without questioning the man’s mental state. He’s either playing daft in the hope he gets a doctors line, or he truly believes what he’s saying.

Either way, it may be time for managers to have a medical in the same way players do. (I’m not joking!)

Because in these two instances, both Warburton & Cathro are clearly delusional as to how the game is played.

*Just a quick note. Celtic scored 8 goals against Warburton’s team in three games, and 11 against Cathro’s in three games. Doesn’t take a genius to guess where their problems lie…