Brendan touched on the topic of unsung heroes in his press conference yesterday when he singled out Callum McGregor for praise.

The young midfielder, who’s made over 100 appearances for Celtic since joining the club as a nine year-old, has played in five different positions for Brendan this season, and performed admirably in every one according to the manager.

But Callum isn’t the only unsung hero in my opinion. There are two others who spring to mind for different reasons.

*Mikel Lustig has been superb for the Bhoys again this season. He’s steady, reliable and he chips in with  the odd goal every now and then. When you consider we signed him on a pre-contract from Rosenberg in 2011, the big Swede has proved to be Mr Consistent in his six seasons at the club.

‘Tashe’ is also one of the few players who has all six league winners medals in his possession.

Another unsung hero, but for entirely different reasons is the ‘Invincible’ himself, Kolo Toure.

His contribution to Celtic comes more from an off the park perspective. Sure he’s played his part in winning teams this season, and added that bit of experience early on when we needed it, especially in the Champions League qualifiers, but his presence in the dressing room can only be good for the team.

There’s also a little theory, rightly or wrongly that I’ve got about Kolo’s arrival.

Around the time Toure came to Celtic Park, Moussa was struggling to find his feet at the club. A young French speaking player, with no other French speaking players in the dressing room, would have been tough, especially when you’re settling in.

Kolo’s arrival might be coincidental with the upsurge in Moussa’s form, but it could be something as simple as having a ‘pal’ who understands you at the club.

Could be nonsense, but it worked regardless…

*Mikel should get a medal for not reacting to the Hearts fans spitting on him during Sunday’s game.