It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in, if you’re the governing body, you MUST show leadership and strength of conviction, otherwise you’ll be walked all over.

By climbing down to the Orange Order and Linfield’s sectarian preferences, UEFA have shown themselves to be weak and easily manipulated.

They are quick to enforce the rules when it suits them, as Celtic have seen in past years, so when the draw for the potential meeting of the Hoops and the North of Ireland champions came about, the game fixture should have been reversed, with the first leg coming to Celtic Park, on the 11th or 12 of July.

Champions League matches are ALWAYS played on a Tuesday or Wednesday, so why should Celtic be forced to play on a Friday to accommodate the sectarian celebrations of the bigoted Orange Order?

Celtic, by refusing tickets for the game at Windsor Park are now caught in a crossfire from fans who want to attend the match. I can understand both sides of the argument, Hoops fans who live in the city know more about Belfast than most.

At the same time Celtic have to look after the safety not only of the fans, but the team too.

Like years before, the board should have dug their heels in, and insisted the first leg be played in Glasgow. I’m sure they’ve got more sway than Linfield in these matters.

Ultimately, UEFA have pandered to the sectarian OO and their ‘culture’ of celebrating the slaughter of Catholics. Just like their Scottish counterparts, the SFA, they wouldn’t know leadership if it bit them on the arse.