I thought I was seeing things when I read the article in The Scotsman today.

Headlined, “Why the referee awarded Ross County a penalty against Celtic”, the author Craig Anderson, a former referee tells us first, it’s a blatant dive, then goes on to almost exonerate Don Robertson by saying he anticipated a tackle from Erik Sviatchenko!

Yip, the referee, not Alex Schalk, the diving player, anticipated the tackle!

He then goes on to tell us about the view of the TV camera was better than the referee, suggesting Robertson might have been ‘tricked’ into seeing something that wasn’t there.  I’m sure the referee was perfectly placed to see the incident. (I am not making this shite up!. There’s a link at the bottom of the article.)

Former ref Anderson, then goes on to say the linesman’s view might have been partially blocked by Erik, and that he would have to be a brave man to over rule the referee. The image provided (above) is from behind the goal, a place the linesman certainly WON’T be.

Summing up, he almost praises Schalk for timing his dive perfectly!

All this from a former referee. And you wonder how this game is perceived as corrupt?

Article here.