The ‘dilemma’ of Celtic travelling to Belfast on the 12th of July to play in the first leg second qualifying round of this years UEFA Champions League, really shouldn’t be an issue at all.

As it’s a UEFA tournament, what the governing body say invariably goes.

Ultimately, if a team cannot guarantee the safety of their opponents and their supporters, in this case Linfield, the question has to be asked if they should be allowed to participate in the tournament at all?

And while we’re on the subject, the fact the game has to be moved should force UEFA to look further into the reasons why.

Sectarian and racist parades in Belfast are being given priority over the game itself. For an organisation that, when it suits, prides itself in it’s ‘No to Racism’ campaigns, year in year out, they are being dictated to by a club that would rather put it’s bigoted ways first.

Should a club with such values be allowed to play in ANY UEFA tournament?

It’s up to UEFA to do the right thing, having said that, at Celtic, we’ve already had experience of trusting the governing body before only to be ‘disappointed’, namely in 1974 and 1984.

Common sense doesn’t always prevail….