I was totally dumbstruck yesterday when I started following a conversation on Twitter between Paul Brennan of CQN and Graham ‘Britney’ Spiers.

The conversation began with Paul posting a ‘Persistence Beats Resistance’ image, in regards to the Resolution 12 campaign, when Spiers, a well known bluenose and journalist, called Paul out, suggesting the right of every football fan to demand justice for Rangers (IL) cheating ‘tedious’.

Instead of doing a proper journalists job and DEMAND answers from the SFA and indeed the club, now that three former directors are involved with Sevco at board level, he went along the lines of ‘let’s move on’, which later on in the thread turned to ‘whataboutery’, when he claimed Celtic CEO Peter Lawwell was as much to blame to Rangers(IL) demise as the real culprits Murray (s), Johnson, King and Bain!

Talk about unbelievable!

Here we have, and I’ll use the term former now, respected journalist, advocating that the Celtic CEO, because he’s on one of the SFA boards, is somehow responsible for the establishment club cheating using side letters, and evading tax with DOS and EBT’s!

He went on to suggest they’d suffered enough embarrassment, or words to that effect, and we should stop pursuing justice.

Spiers, is already on record in 2013 as saying any stripping of titles would be a mess that Scottish football could well do without. This goes along with the ‘move on’ narrative of his Radio Scotland colleague Tom English, who himself, was exposed during the Charlotte Fakes recordings, of working in cahoots with Craig Whyte to discredit former director Paul Murray.

It’s fair to say both Spiers and English have NO interest in the integrity of our game.

Both are also golf correspondents, their obvious forte, where they might be used to a bit of cheating here and there, thinking we’re all the same. That aloof clubhouse mentality to responsibility, and playing by the rules, doesn’t have a place in football according to this pair.

In a nutshell, they have NO IDEA how we feel towards the SFA, the cheating Rangers (IL) and the complicit media who want us all to toe the line with their OLD FIRM, same club, ‘let’s move on’, bullshit.

Well, Britney, and Tom, it ain’t going to happen.

You keep taking your forty pieces of silver, being the son of a preacher man, you’ll know what that entails…