Celtic on the park have no peers in Scottish Football. Brendan Rodgers’ unbeaten side could quite easily go through the season as Invincibles, winning all three domestic trophies we’ve entered.

As much as Aberdeen and Sevco will try their very best to compete, they are NOT our biggest danger for winning the clean sweep.

The officials, who work for the Scottish Football Association are.

And EVERY Celtic fans knows it.

We’ve experienced it so often, almost to a man, women and child, when asked who we fear the most, the referees and assistants is the answer.

And today, Don Robertson showed exactly how we get to that conclusion.

His decision to award a penalty to Ross County, when substitute Shalk dived with Erik Sviatchenko at least a yard away from him, was nothing but cheating, plain and simple. And to make matters worse his assistant, who ran down the tunnel at the end of the match, was just as culpable.

When awarding a penalty we are told the man in the middle must be 100% certain.

If Robertson was 100% certain today, then he needs to take a lie detector, instead of an eye test.