This slump of 36 domestic games unbeaten is really beginning to take it’s toll, not only on the players but on the fans too.

As the SMSM keep telling us, the Bhoys are looking tired and jaded, and to be fair they’ve not been firing on all cylinders recently, especially in the 1-1 loss at home to Sevco, the fans are reflecting what’s happening on the park.

We’re getting frustrated and a bit tired and jaded!

And just to put things into perspective, let’s look at the performances since the return from the winter break.

Teams aren’t going to let us play and will be ‘in our faces’ as much as possible. That’s something we have to live with, as long as they do it within the rules. But that’s NOT happening.

Sure we’re playing round or through our opponents and taking the points in nearly ever game, but our opponents are going that step further and using tactics that can only be described as brutal at time, with what appears to be the blessing of the officials.

That in turn leads to a break in play more often than not, hence the play isn’t as fluid and more passes are misplaced.

We, then in turn start to get anxious and this transfers onto the park. Indirectly, this only serves to help our opponents.

What’s needed, in my opinion, is to cut the Bhoys some slack. We’re in a history making run of unbeaten games, we’re in the hunt for a domestic treble in Brendan’s first season, and off the park, the club are in a league of our own.

Let’s just keep the faith…