There are many, many factors to Celtic’s historic ‘Invincibles’, season but for me there were three ‘C’s’ that contributed to this wonderful year.

When Brendan Rodgers took over the managers job at the club, I doubt if anyone, including Brendan himself could have predicted what was to follow.

He had inherited a Championship winning squad that had just won the league for the fifth time in a row, but there was something missing. Ronny Deila had announced he was leaving, after we lost on penalties to Sevco in the Scottish Cup Semi-final.

The first thing he did was to restore some confidence to the squad. After that defeat the Bhoys looked a bit fragile. Their ability was never in doubt but a different mentality had to be instilled to get the best out of them.

And to help keep the confidence high, the management team put in meticulous preparation for every game, therefore the players were now finding a consistency that was previously missing.

Even during our so called ‘slump’ when we kept on winning, the Bhoys never look tired, fragile or vulnerable.

The final ‘C’ has to be character.

To go 46 domestic games without defeat shows a tremendous character. The pressure of playing for Celtic is immense to begin with, but to keep up the fantastic standards they set early in the season was just tremendous.

There will be pages and pages written about this historic achievement but for me, the three ‘C’s’ mentioned were key to this wonderful season.