If you’ve watched any of the Men in Black films you’ll be familiar with a wee device Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith use called a ‘Neuralyser’, a small pen like device they use to wipe the memory of anyone who came in contact with them.

This erases anything that can be used against the MIB, a sort of safety valve.

I’m convinced the glib and shameless liar that is Dave King, the man Gullibears have put their trust in, has one of these devices and uses it on the SMSM.

The minute ‘Teflon Dave’ touches down on these shores, the succulent lamb brigade bow and prepare themselves to follow orders. If anyone dare question King about his previous convictions, or his investment boasts or anything at all he doesn’t like, the criminal chairman brings out his very own Neuralyser and zaps the offending hack.

This is the only explanation for the way the SMSM treat him. He’s lorded by the media as if he’s some sort of saviour, a Messiah type figure, who can spout as much shite as he likes, knowing it’ll be treated like a prophecy.

His latest trick is t produce fag packet accounts, that in reality show a loss, but are somehow reported by the obedient laptop loyal as showing a profit.

Ordinary folks can see the rouse, but his target audience, the Gullibears can’t. They hang on his every word. Teflon is back in town and he wants their money.

While March is traditionally lambing season, down Ibrox way, it’s more like fleecing season…