The hypocrisy that is Scottish Football shows no bounds when we have a tax cheat pontificating to the Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers about post match comments.

Billy Dodds, ex-Rangers player, and EBT recipient, has told us that Brendan’s comments after Ross County’s captain Andrew Davies, tried to maim Scott Brown ‘didn’t sit well with him’ as he claims the gaffer is trying to influence the SFA disiplinary board.

No sign of criticism of a player he used to coach, no sign of remorse that he’d just witnessed the worst tackle of the season, nope just a dig at Celtic.

But then again when you’re happy to cheat the public out of tax and claim ignorance, then morals won’t be very high on your agenda.

Unfortunately, Dodds is just one of a number of tax cheats who’s careers have thrived in the media, in particular at the publicly funded BBC, since being exposed for not only cheating the public but their fellow professionals.

Billy Dodds is a great example of all that is wrong with Scottish Football. Until him. and his like. are banished from our media and the platforms they are given to spout their bias, then the game can’t and won’t move forward.