Whenever Celtic face a game against the new club, or the old club for that matter, the media love nothing more than wheeling out ex-players and managers who’ve played their part in previous encounters.

It’s nothing new.

Neither, usually is the narrative. My old team could beat the new team, and we had better players then…blah, blah,blah. We all heard and read it, over and over again.

However, this time, there was a quote that was of REAL interest.

Alex McLeish, former manager of old Rangers (IL) was speaking ahead of Sunday’s game at Hampden when he blurted out, ‘Listen, somehow you have to win the title next year by hook or by crook’.

His assertion apparently came during an interview for the Sevco job with the current directors.

McLeish, unwittingly has given us all an insight as to the thinking inside Ibrox. This latest claim comes on the heels of a BBC interview a few months back when he told us, “if we didn’t pay the money on wages Celtic were paying, we’d been behind them”.

What he was referring to, was the years of cheating the old club embarked on by paying their staff, McLeish included, by means of Employee Benefit Trusts or EBT’s for short. Millions of pounds were siphoned off away from the HMRC. His take was £1.7M.

Yes, £1.7M from the taxpayer, just to make sure the Establishment club remained top dog.

The notion that this money, and any trophies accrued during his five years in charge, was obtained by cheating doesn’t matter on iota to McLeish.

All that matters is, “by hook or by crook”, they stop Celtic.