There’s a saying, ‘you shouldn’t mock the afflicted’ and to be honest that’s quite commendable, unless it’s the Gullibears (the afflicted in this case).

You see, there once was a team called Rangers, who from 1873-2012 played football out of a place called Ibrox over in Glasgow’s South Side. In Govan to be precise.

Now this Rangers club thought they were better than everyone else, and didn’t need to play by the same rules as every other club that played in the same league as they did.  It was a sense of entitlement if you like.

But through time another club from Glasgow’s East End, Celtic, came on the scene and took over the Rangers clubs’ mantle of top team. In fact they went further than that, they not only became the top dog in Scotland, but Europe too, winning the European Cup in 1967. Exactly 50 years ago.

This wonderful feat caused the Rangers club, now under the ownership of a Knight of the Realm (SDM) desperately wanted to be top dog again and decided the rules weren’t for them. Cheating was the only way to go.

From 1998 until their demise in 2012, the Rangers club used underhand and deceitful tactics to try and topple the magical Celtic, including playing players illegally registered and non-payment of social taxes.

Their mantra of throwing money at the problem would eventually lead to their extinction.  Decades of overspending with money they didn’t have, simply to meet the demand of an ever more bitterly entitled support proved too much.

A new club emerged to play out of Ibrox, The Rangers (Sevco), and instead of learning from the mistakes of their predecessors, they too threw money at their team.

Their first manager, Ally McCoist, while bossing them in Scottish Football’s Division Three, was on a salary of over £15,000 a week, and was allowed to pay players unto £10,000 to play against part-timers.

Soon, the new club would be heading the same way as the old. Overspending and bad financial management has resulted in the club needing soft loans from directors to survive, and they’re only FIVE years old!

With the managerless club lurching from one disaster to another, the legend McCoist, who took circa £3-4M including shares out of the place, took the opportunity yesterday to give some sound financial advice to the current directors.

Spend, spend, spend was the message from the ‘Real Rangers Man’ who’s personal bank account will be a lot healthier than the team he claims to support.

And the the Gullibears will lap it all up……idiots.