In the last 24 hours we’ve seen two pieces of ‘news’ dominate the Celtic world.

The first has been ongoing since the end of last season, but in the last day or so is gathering pace to hopefully reach a conclusion that will keep EVERY Celtic fan on the planet happy. The imminent signing of Manchester City’s and Celtic invincible, Paddy Roberts.

Over the last couple of days, the news outlets basically said the destination of young Patrick would be either Celtic Park or the French Riviera, with Nice looking to sign the winger.

Well, either that was bullshit, quite possible with the media, or it was a stunt by the French club to get their real target, Allan Saint-Maximin from Monaco, who they signed last night.

That signing has effectively paved the way for the return to Paradise of Roberts, should Celtic and Manchester City agree terms, though to b e honest, I’d thought the conditions for making Paddy a permanent signing were negotiated before now.

As always, the bookies too are heaving their say. They make Celtic favourites to capture the Bhoy, so, for once, here’s hoping they’re right!

The other ‘big story’ to break came from CQN last night, in the form a really cryptic piece that implied plenty but provided little, with the caveat of ‘now a live case’ at the end of the article.

However, the gist of the story, if you read between the lines, not always that easy to be honest, was the involvement of the SFA, possibly Dunfermline Athletic, although not named, and maybe a couple of other prominent ‘businessmen’ who are all involved in a scandal that will rock Scottish Football.

Now, I don’t know who’s behind the story but if Paul Brennan is involved, I’d be inclined to believe the piece, he’s not one for spinning out bullshit.

A developing story, as the article says….