Yesterday’s announcement, for want of a better word, from the Messiah Dave King, that the new club in Govan have secured a wonderful new deal to sell and distribute replica shirts with Sports Direct, was met with a media fawning not seen since the heydays of Minty’s empire!

It was like rolling back the years, without the ASDA price….

As always, the succulent lamb brigade took the career criminal totally at face value, and never dared once to ask for any detail about this proposed new super deal. Why would they, it was press release heaven for the laptop loyal.

If they had taken the time to look under the bonnet,for even a split second, and asked themselves, ‘why would a bona-fide Billionaire Mike Ashley, renegotiate an iron clad contract in favour of a glib and shameless liar’, then they might have been able to put some meat on the bones of the ‘new deal’.

Instead of creaming themselves over ‘net profits’, ‘bigger than Manchester United’, blah, blah, blah, they would probably have found that selling shirts, makes more sense than having to pay for unsold shirts, as the ‘previous’ deal stated.

Having to pay for unsold stock might have pushed the cash stricken club, who King admitted himself, were dependent on soft loans, (you know the ones, where it’s debt but it’s not debt, wink, wink) that bit closer to the admin door, therefore big Mick might not get ANY money for the stock.

As per usual, the Gullibears have bought King’s spiel hook, line and sinker.  Bad Mike is now good Mike.

Social media, and the phone-ins were packed with the deluded telling us the good old days were back. (I’m sure we’ve heard this before somewhere) With radio pundits joining in the celebrations, of course…

I’m just wondering if that would that be back to the days of having mega cash rich merchandise deals, with money flowing into Ibrox, yet you still decided to cheat the tax man and Scottish Football? Canny wait…