This last weekend has shown us, once again, that Sky have scant regard for Scottish football fans, with a so what attitude to impartiality.

The broadcaster have for long enough given up on our game, not only be constantly promoting the newest club in Scottish football, but by publishing lies, that show either contempt of lack of professionalism.

Their Saturday programme. live from Ibrokes prior to the Sevco v Hearts match, tried to convince us the home team were on a run of eight games undefeated at home.

Despite the fact they themselves, broadcast live only two weeks ago Celtic demolishing Sevco 5-1, at the same ground!

They seem to be quite happy publishing what ever they want, as long as it makes good reading for the Gullibears.

And to keep them at the forefront of bias, they replace one anti-Celtic clown, Neil McCann, with the cheeky chappie, who ripped off the natives for millions of pounds, while struggling through the lower divisions. A real Rangers(IL) man!

I sincerely hope BT Sport get the contract to broadcast Scottish Football. Although not perfect, they should at least dump Craigan, they are miles ahead of the others, including the BBC, who are pushing Sky in the bias stakes…