When Ann Budge swept into power at Tynecastle, she was hailed as a breath of fresh air for Scottish Football.

A so called no-nonsense business woman who was about to change the fortunes of Hearts after the Romanov era, she quickly became a media darling. As her ‘regime’ set about the now customary dumping of debt to stave off liquidation, she enlisted the fans to revive the Edinburgh club.

Unfortunately for Ann Budge, she became so embroiled in her role of Hearts saviour and fans favourite, she chose to ignore the sinister side of what’s described as a ‘unique atmosphere’ at Tynecastle.

After former Celtic manager Neil Lennon was attacked, while doing his job on the touchline by Hearts lout John Wilson in 2011, Budge vowed to get tough with the home support.

That just never happened.

Three years later, as Celtic duly dispatched the Jambos out of the Scottish Cup by 4-0, the ‘Queen of Hearts’ was at it again, engaging in some sabre rattling and pointing the finger at the Celtic support, ‘telling’ the Celtic board to get our house in order!

Celtic, duly reminded Budge of the intimidation and abuse our players and staff receive when we visit Tynecastle.

Instead of being high and mighty about visiting clubs, she should look at little closer to home. It appears every time we play at the Gorgie ground, the home support either try to punch our players, spit on them, or try an get onto the pitch.

It’s now five days since the Hoops thumped the Diets 5-0 to win our sixth league title in a row. That’s plenty of time to reflect on the game, on and off the park.

She could start with an apology to Mikel Lustig for the conduct of her support on Sunday, then take action to either ban the culprits or report them to the Police.

In failing to do so she’s just shirking her responsibility.