Before anyone even attempts to give me any racist nonsense, the headline about Shay Logan has nothing at all to do with the colour of the players skin. That’s a fact.

The reason for the headline, is solely to do with the conduct of the Aberdeen player, a sneaky little shitehouse who, in spite of his talent, spends most of his time trying to either wind up, or get opposing players sent off.

Last night wasn’t the first time he’s been at it against Celtic, he does have previous, but he seemed to excel even his low standards at Pittodrie, as his team were gubbed 3-1 by the undefeated champions of Scotland.

After referee Steven McLean had given Aberdeen another soft free-kick, Logan thought it would be wise to bounce the ball off the back of Leigh Griffiths head, while the Celtic player wasn’t looking.

His intention was to provoke a reaction, which to Leigh’s credit, he didn’t do.

How the officials, in particular the linesman, never saw the incident is beyond me. However, the TV cameras did pick up on it. I’d fully expect Logan to be hauled before the beaks at some point, not only for being a sleekit creep of a man, but for ungentlemanly conduct.

If he keeps this stupidity up, he could find himself on Pedro’s shopping list. I’m sure he’d fit in nicely there…