When the news came through yesterday from UEFA they’d decided to charge Leigh Griffiths, the original emotion of shock was soon replaced with that of expectation.

In the world of European football, as far as the governing body is concerned, common sense and normality simply don’t exist. If it did, we’d played the game at Celtic Park last week, with a return in Belfast this week.

Unfortunately, that would have meant them admitting the game was high profile, therefore they’d be under even more scrutiny. That in turn would have forced them to appoint a more experienced referee, instead of the Spanish clown shoes who officiated last Friday.

Notice nothing’s been said by the beaks about his performance, though I hope Celtic have the balls to challenge any punishment UEFA put down. The five bookings were nothing more than a farcical attempt by the whistler to curry favour with the home support.

Only one, if you’re lucky, merited a yellow card.

As I said earlier, the shock soon wore off, as UEFA over the years have a history of making a balls up of decisions involving Celtic.

A bit like their Scottish counterparts, the SFA. Who, with their bowling club committee attitude to our game only really exist to keep the new club from Ibrox sweet.

The people in charge of our game from FIFA, through UEFA and down to the SFA have absolutely no idea about how to run a fair and balanced organisation.

From World Cups in the searing heat of Qatar, to automatic qualification for the Champions League Group stages for the bigger nations, down to local promotion of cheating, tells us our game is badly in need of change.

Maybe the clubs, like Celtic, should be doing more to affect that change…..