Apparently, the SFA have issued a statement, according to journalist Alex Thomson, telling the world there will be NO stripping of Oldco Rangers titles.

Much like Theresa May, the people at the top of our game just seem to say things, without knowing if they have the power to act on what they say.

Whether they can or can’t is irrelevant at this juncture, time and the people with the real power, the fans, will decide.

However, what it does show, is over the last two weeks, the governing body of our game are more interested in dealing with Celtic issuing a statement on the Scottish Cup Final ticket allocation, than they are in addressing really important issues.

Like cheating and racism.

Rangers (IL) ex-owner David Murray, has admitted twice in a court of law he authorised the signing of and illegal registration of players that his club ‘could not otherwise afford.’ Not once but twice!

Not just a couple of players, more than 40.

And in the last fortnight, the same place these players called home, Ibrox, was the scene of an opposing player attacked on the park, from one of the home support, the same game saw constant sectarian singing from the home support and last but not least Celtic’s Scott Sinclair was subjected to not one but two racist monkey chants.

Did the SFA come out and condemn the fans or the club? Not a chance.

Their silence in what has become British Football’s biggest sporting scandal, is nothing short of incredible. Their contempt for every other club, and their fans is tangible. They will do what they want to protect any entity that plays out of the Crumbledome.

Rules will be bent, overlooked and disregarded to suit Rangers/Sevco.

But, just like when they tried to shoehorn the Newco into the first division of the SPL, the fans launched a campaign ‘No To Newco’, simply because we’d had enough. Somehow the SFA don’t think we, the fans, have any say or power.

They are sadly mistaken.

#StripTheTitles is here to stay, and will go on until justice is done. This isn’t about revenge, this is about justice.