The news that the SFA Compliance Officer Tony McGlennan has cleared Morton’s Kudus Oyenuga, is just another act of pure folly as the governing body make the rules up as they go along.

TV pictures clearly show the big striker feigning injury as Hibs’ Darren McGregor moves his head towards Oyenuga’s.

This ruling is yet another indication of how clueless the people who run the Scottish game are.

It appears to be the more evidence there is, the less chance you have of being found guilty, as we’ve already witnessed when Sevco’s Rob Kiernan was cleared earlier this season of punching St Johnstone’s Steven Anderson in the ribs.

Again TV pictures showed the incident, and again McGlennan found Kiernan not guilty.

To be fair to the compliance officer, he’s just carrying on where his predecessor Vincent Lunny left off. He somehow manged to charge former Celtic manager Neil Lennon for swearing, although he didn’t actually swear, and upheld an accusation of racial abuse from Aberdeen’s Shay Logan by on loan Aleksander Tovev on the balance of probabilities.

In the last incident, there were no witnesses, just Logan’s word against Tonev’s.

As I said previously, no one this side of the city will be surprised by the SFA’s actions, after all, it’s former President  Campbell Ogilvie was party to the biggest cheating scandal in British football…