The SFA have this unique ability to get the simplest of things wrong, particularly when the world is watching them.

It must be their years of practice that makes them so proficient at it.

Their most recent and obvious ‘faux pas’ comes with their approval of Sevco chancer Dave King, as being a ‘fit and proper’ person to run a football club.

His acceptance was even more bizarre, when you consider his involvement as a director of the liquidated Rangers, a position that should have excluded him from holding office at a Scottish Football club for five years. The same should have applied to his crony Paul Murray.

Denying his application would have meant the SFA applying the rules. Unfortunately, history tells us the people in suits that roam the sixth floor of Hampden have a propensity for bowing to any club that plays out of Ibrox.

There was a time when they would have got away with it, but in this information age, fans and clubs are more demanding in knowing what’s going on.

We too can check the rules, to see if they are being applied correctly.

When Stewart Regan was appointed President of the SFA, succeeding the corrupt Campbell Ogilvie, he told the public there would be a more transparent body at Hampden.

That was just a lie.

In fact, I’m sure when Dave King swept to power at Ibrox, he told the Gullibears the exact same thing.

That too was a lie.

Just shows how much in common Regan and King have…