There’s something not right when the governing body of Scottish Football take it on their own head to make a statement only hours after a man is found not guilty in a court of law, for them to ban him from the game.

Only last month, Craig Whyte walked from the High Court in Glasgow a free man after a jury found him not guilty of trying to fraudulently gain control of Rangers Football Club.

That decision obviously upset someone at Hampden, because within hours Chief Executive Stewart Regan told the world, Whyte was banned from ever having a role in our game.

The SFA seem to think they are above the law when it suits them. And only apply laws that are convenient, like fining and banning clubs for playing illegally registered players, like Spartans  who were fined £2,500 in 2009, ten years after Rangers admitting to fielding players who were playing while paid by Discounted Options Scheme, using dual contracts.

Something the SFA knew about, well Sandy Bryson certainly did. Not only that, the same organisation employed an EBT recipient, Campbell Ogilvie as President, knowing the case was ongoing, but came up with a bullshit story of not being ‘conflicted’.

The very same guy who was instrumental in the set up and administration of the Employee Benefit Trusts, that gave him £95,000, tax-free. No wonder he was called by some, the best administrator in Scottish Football!

Meanwhile, the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, find in favour of HMRC on Wednesday, deeming the EBT’s used by Rangers (IL) to be illegal. Therefore, those who were in control of the club at the time of use must surely suffer the same fate as Craig Whyte, even though he’s innocent and they are guilty.

That includes, the biggest benefactor of the scam, David Murray, who, like the jockey Lester Piggott, should be stripped of his knighthood, Dave King, and Paul Murray, both on the current board at Ibrox, were on the old board, therefore should be automatically banned from our game.

This really is shit or get off the pan time for Stewart Regan, and Neil Doncaster at the SPFL.

The fans of every other club are on their case, and whether they like it or not, are not going away.