We’ve always known Sevco, and Rangers before them, are a strange lot. They see the world differently from the rest of us.

Whether it’s their sense of entitlement, superiority of maybe just plain stupidity, they persist in making a fool of themselves at every turn.

The latest gaff comes from puppet Pedro with his ‘no green boots’ mantra, a statement that has James Traynors grubby hands all over it. I can only assume the Sevco manager has decided off the field trivialities matter more than the perilous state of a team that just managed a single goal win against the waiters of Luxembourg.

In all fairness to Pedro, his predecessors had a propensity to indulge in acts of staunchness to deflect from their shortcomings. Ally the gardener would finish the occasional press conference with a WATP, just to put the creeps up us, although that didn’t really work, especially against Ramsden Cup opponents.

And who can forget Chuckie, tea, biscuits and all, charming the Gulibears with promises of a new orange kit? He had then eating out of his hands, a bit like the lying King has just now…

Instead of concentrating on recruiting decent players, Sevco and their hierarchy, would rather indulge in childish one-up-man-ship, as if that’s going to matter on the park.

Long may it continue, Celtic in the meantime will keep on dominating Scottish football for the foreseeable future, while laughing all the way across Glasgow at the new clubs’ antics…