For the last five years, in fact, since their inception, Sevco have without doubt been the undisputed champions of ridicule!

Week after week, either the club or the Gullibears come up with something that gives not only us Celtic fans but the rest of Scottish football a good laugh. They are masters, excuse the pun, of comedy. A tribute act in name and in nature.

However, their antics have upset a few people, especially around the Motherwell area. And these people want to mount a serious challenge to Sevco for their comedy title.

With former SMSM/STV and Sevco shareholder Grant Russell as head of communications, they plan from Fir Park seems to be, let’s emulate the Ibrox club with a statement that will make them sit up and take notice. Until now, no one could come close to the new club when it came to ridiculous statements!

But Motherwell have put themselves firmly in the frame. In a James Traynor like style….

In a nutshell, their statement last night told us they were going to write to the SFA, regarding Celtic being awarded two penalties in successive matches, is the stuff of Monty Python. Their manager had already embarrassed himself at the weekend ranting about a penalty, then failed to follow his claims through with an appeal.

They then went on a rant about the behaviour of Celtic fans who allegedly broke 206 seats and graffitied the Fir Park concourse and toilets.

To sum up this comedy piece, they then had a go at Scott Brown about mentioning the fact the Celtic players were subject to missiles being thrown at them during the game.

In their selective hearing, the so called ‘family club’ didn’t mention the racist abuse Scott Sinclair endured, the aforementioned missiles from the Motherwell side of the ground, or the anti-Catholic and paedophile songs.

The stewards and police at that side of the ground did absolutely nothing to either apprehend the culprits, or stop them throwing the missiles. They were totally hopeless. Uninterested.

As for the allegation towards the Celtic support, I’ve yet to see any evidence, and can categorically say as someone who was at the game, I never saw ANY destruction whatsoever. Not a thing.

As Brendan says, Motherwell seem to be angry at a lot of things these days…..