So it was all a sham. In an effort to buy themselves time, the Sevco board came up with this story they were going to appoint a Director of Football with a manager reporting to him.

At the same time forgetting the cash-strapped club would be replacing one unaffordable wage, with two!

From the minute they realised they couldn’t meet the wages of the Ibrox Three, (Warburton, Weir and McFarlane), operation buy some time came into force, courtesy of the PR gurus at Level 5. This started with the demonising of the three former employees, by putting out false stories regarding their resignation status.

A blind man could see what was happening.

At this point, Stewart Robertson, redient gaffer in the absence of the Lying King, decided to feed the Berz with an ‘all new footballing strategy’ of employing a DOF. Knowing such an appointment was never likely to materialise, the SMSM, as obedient as ever, began singing the virtues of the structure, forgetting the old club used it before when Gordon ‘I’m brilliant’ Smith was there.

And today, almost according to a script, the Sevco board announce the DOF will be ‘a long-term strategy’.

To sum up the situation at the basket case that calls itself Rangers, a circus only needs one Ringmaster, but many clowns. The Ringmaster is in South Africa calling all the shots, while the clowns in the Ibrox Big Top make complete fools of themselves.

Well at least some of us are getting a laugh out of it….