In the last 24 hours I’ve read from two different SMSM sources that the Sevco fans ‘deserve better’. Both Gerry McCulloch, from Clyde Super Scoreboard, and Graham Spiers from the Times tweeted this same message.

Their sympathetic view towards the Sevco support comes a day after the new club slumped to a 2-1 loss at Dundee on Sunday, the Dens Park teams first win of the year. The result leaving the Ibrox side trailing a recently rejuvenated Aberdeen by six points and in third place.

The defeat coupled with the fact they don’t have a full-time manager, preferring to operate as a shoestring outfit and save wages by promoting Murty from the under 20’s, means their bullish, or should I say bullshit, preseason campaign about ‘going for 55’ is now more applicable for number of points than fantasy league titles!

Of course in an effort to save face, a new target of finishing second as always being their target has been mooted, although that also looks like a bridge too far for the Sevco players, who are failing to live up to their billing on a regular basis. Makes you wonder why that is, surely the world class breakfasts served up at Auchenhowie have some affect…..

Anyway, having said all that, why do the Gullibears deserve any more than any other fans? Should they not just be grateful they have a team to watch, after all, they managed to circumvent the rules to be granted a place in Division Three ahead of clubs who live within their means and play by the rules?

Surely it’s the fans of these teams that deserve better, Gerry? Graham?