As Brendan Rodgers and the Bhoys coasted to an incredible seventh title in a row, after beating our bedraggled and so called nearest rivals 5-0 at Celtic Park on Sunday, defeeated Sevco showed a real contempt for our game, in a way that only they could manage.

For a club that claims to be all about dignity, they have not an ounce of neither diginity, nor class in their entire fabric.

Decent sportsmen would have at least congratulated Celtic on our title success but the new club, with the old club mentality, decided we didn’t deserve that accolade. Knowing how twisted they really are, that was hardly surprising, but not putting anyone from the club to speak to the media was childish to say the least.. Even their own deluded fans were disappointed!

Like every club in Scottish Football, they are quite happy to take the money from sponsors and broadcasters,but mainly because of their superiority complex, think they don’t have to comply with the conditions set in the first place! It’s as close to a ma’ ba’ scenario as you can get.

But it’s also a real slap in the face to the other clubs who do have abit of decency about them, and do know how to conduct themselves properly. These clubs do comply, do make an effort to give back to the sponsors and broadcasters who invest in our game. They deserve any benefits they get.

This sense of superiority even extends and in fact is endorsed by the national team manager. This quote is not only a disgrace from someone who openly admitted cheating to match Celtic with the old club, but is a huge kick in the Davina McCalls to every other club in Scottish Football.

For those of us who’ve supported our game for any length of time, none of this comes as a shock. However, there has to come a time when the rest of the clubs have to stand up, and take not only the Scotland manager to task, but also Sevco for their lack of responsibility to the rest of our game when it comes to meeting the obligations that go with playing in Scottish Football.

The days of doing as you please have to stop.

I sincerely hope the new man in at the SFA, Mr Maxwell has the nous to look after the game in general and have the guts to bring to book those who choose to tarnish the image of our game. Including McLeish.

Well run clubs are being sidelined by the continued circus that comes out of Ibrox. Press conferences are hijacked to include the new club, as Stevie Clark found out last week. The media, although the will deny it, also have a responsibility to represent the whole of Scottish Football. They too have to grow a set.

Time will tell, but the paying customer is increasingly getting fed up with the way we are treated. All for the sake of the dinosaurs who yearn for past glories of a club that no longer exists….