It’s nearly a week since Celtic demolished Sevco 5-1 in their own backyard. A scoreline that does very little to justify the superiority of the undefeated champions.

As striker Leigh Griffiths said earlier in the week, it could easily have been eight!.

But I personally think the first half misses from the Bhoys might have turned out to be  a good thing, although you don’t think that way at the time.

The reason?

Well, Celtic went into the break in total command, and 2-0 up thanks to a Scott SInclair penalty, and a Leigh Griffiths thunderbolt that left Fotheringham in goal helpless.

During that first half, the home support managed to disgrace themselves by aiming monkey chants at Scotty, and throwing missiles on the park, including a battery that just missed Leigh. Other missiles can be seen on the park in replays, but weren’t noticed at the time.

At the start of the second half, we had a thug run onto the park from the Sandy Jardine stand, to confront captain Scott Brown. The fact that he got as far as the pitch needs addressing, and to be honest, he could quite easily have had a weapon of some sort and the whole issue could have been a lot more serious.

Now, in reality, we all know they are a new club, but they do have the old club support with the old club mentality.

History tells us, that had Scotty Sinclair scored his two easy chances in the first 45 minutes at Ibrox, putting Celtic 4-0 up at half time, there wouldn’t have been a second half.

They don’t take defeat very well. They’ve done it before, and no doubt will do it again.

So, in my opinion, indirectly, Player of the Year Scott Sinclair, saved the game by missing those chances…