As much as the media try to make the EBT scandal into a Celtic v Rangers thing, nothing could be further from the truth.

A quick glance into any Scottish Football related social media thread and you’ll see the only people wanting to turn the deliberate cheating of our game into an ‘Old Firm’ spat is the usual suspects among the SMSM, and the fans of the cheating club.

The only notable exception from the media side of things is Jim Spence, who himself was on the receiving end of intimidation for daring to tell the truth at the height the exposure of this planned scam.

Just like the the No To Newco campaign caught many of the compromised in the football authorities out, so to will the Strip The Titles movement.

There are far too many smart people, a lot smarter than those who want us to turn a blind eye to a decade of systematic cheating, involved in the fight for justice. Because that’s exactly what this is all about, justice, not revenge.

Many genuine supporters of Rangers (IL) are appalled at what David Murray did to their club, just to gain an advantage, but it does seem the vast majority couldn’t care less, and are happy to stick two fingers up to the rest of Scottish Football.

Well done Jim for sticking to your principles, we’re right beside you.