Five Years On And Nothing Changes!

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Rangers (IL) entering administration. As sure as night follow follows day, the club were then set on the path to liquidation, and extinction.

Owner at the time, the Motherwell Billionaire with wealth off the radar, Craig Whyte decided enough was enough and cut off the life support machine by admitting non-payment of bills and taxes was no longer an option.

With Hector the Inspector breathing down his neck, Whyte stood at the front door of Ibrox, a stadium John Brown once played for, and read out a declaration of intent, basically telling the Gullibears 140 years of Bluenoseness was going down the tubes.

As much as the Celtic support delighted in the precarious position the Orcs found themselves in, it came as no surprise as we’d been reliably informed courtesy of Phil MacGiollabhain, Paul Brennan and Paul McConville of the seriousness of the situation the Ibrox club found itself in.

The message was clear for sometime, they were staring into the abyss, but a mixture of superiority and staunchness clouded their judgement. As far as they were concerned, there would always be a ‘Real Rangers Man’ with pockets full of cash to prop up their club.

Well, my friends, we all know how that panned out…

Happy Administration Day Bhoys & Ghirls..