Well, I suppose it was good while it lasted. The tenure of the Poundland Mourinho finally came to an end yesterday when the high heid yins at Ibrox couldn’t take any more of the laughing and joking from the Celtic support.

Pedro, a man of many languages, though none of them is English I’m sure, fell on his sword after his side failed to beat Kilmarnock at the Bigotdome on Wednesday night. The game finished 1-1 and the last six minutes could quite easily have summed up the Portuguese’s time in Scotland.

With the points in the bag, and a soft penalty to take, Sevco somehow managed to make a complete arse of seeing the game out. Sunday’s victim/villain, Daniel ‘Candyman’ Candeias stroke the penalty so close to the Killie keeper Jamie McDonald, he hardly had to move to save it.

But he did, then started the move that led to the equaliser, by former Rangers (IL) player Chris Burke.

In between times, Ryan Jack took a kick at another former player of the old club, Kirk Broadfoot, to get himself sent off for the fourth time in twelve months! Now just image the SMSM uproar if that was, say Broonie for instance!!

Anyway, back the Pedro.

I doubt if we’ll get as many laughs at the next mug to take the managers job at Ibrox. Unless he stays firmly on message and repeats everything PR ‘guru’ Jim ‘Jabba’ Traynor tells him. Like he has the best squad in Scotland, and repeats time and again the ‘they are the people’.

However, I doubt if Tina Turner will be getting any airtime on the Bigot Bus anytime soon, as Chris Sutton seems to have rendered that particular song null and void for the Sevconians….

So sadly, the Ringmaster has left the big top. But the Sevco circus keeps rolling on, with of course, a fantasizing media that have spent the last few weeks recruiting EBT recipients, one after another, ready to tell us how badly our game needs a strong ‘Rangers’.

The sense of entitlement oozes from every pore of them and their support, ready and willing to believe every word these chancers utter. We’ve been here before. Not one of these fantasists even remotely pays attention to what’s going on behind the scenes at ‘Dave King’s Penniless Pound’.

But it doesn’t matter, as far as they’re concerned, ‘the show must go on’, as long as they don’t have to pay for it….