It’s holed midships and the water (not holy) is pouring in, as the good ship Sevco lists badly.

The lifeboats and orange life jackets, (what other colour would they be?) are all in place, aye ready for anyone who wants to save their own skin.

As the water rises, first to jump is the, all dancing, all singing bigot John Gilligan.

Fresh from his spat with the rank and file supporters, in the aftermath of the new club’s 5-1 humiliation to champions Celtic, Gilligan has decided he’s had enough. It’s sink or swim time, and John is currently doing the breast stroke away from Ibrox.

But you have to feel sorry for the ‘Billy boy’. He was living the dream, when he, pot less Paul Murray and the Glib and Shameless liar, Dave King, were paraded in front of the drooling press, only two years ago. It was to be the start of some thing special we were told…alas, it wasn’t to be.

And like every job, there were good times, or highlights as you might call them.

For Gilligan, the two most memorable times have to be, one,  when he joined in with the Gullibears at the Bigotdome, as they belted out the banned Billy Boys, in the top of the table clash with Hibs while they were in the Championship.

His condoning of the song was later questioned by journalist Graham Spiers, who inquired if it was fitting for a club director to be so vocal in his support of the ditty. (by joining in!)

His (and ours) other ‘highlight’ must be the penalty kicks win over Celtic at Hampden last April.

Rather than behave in a dignified manner, he chose to, lets say, rub our noses in it. Again, not the actions befitting of a club director. Only this time, the consequences were far more telling.

That day, Celtic’s largest shareholder Dermot Desmond, decided enough was enough. Change was happening anyway, but the Irishman upped the stakes, considerably.

Thanks to the inability of John Gilligan to behave like a decent human being, Celtic moved to appoint Brendan Rodgers.

The rest they say is history, just like Gilligan’s time on the Sevco board…