If you listen to the SMSM, you’d thought the trip to Luxembourg for the second leg of the first qualifying round of the Europe League, was a mere formality for Sevco.

Leading 1-0 from the home leg, we were treated to the usual soundbites about having more time behind them, Progres would need to come out, full time against part-time, blah, blah, blah.

Instead, the minnows from Neiderkorn, who’d only scored one goal in Europe since 1977, doubled their tally to dump the new club Sevco by 2-0, and out of Europe at their first attempt.

While the hordes were busy booking trips to Cyprus for the next round, the players, without green boots, were busy going through the motions, and playing like WE know they can.

No amount of turd polishing from the SMSM or from the glib and shameless one can cover up the worst result a Scottish club has had in European competition. Of course they’ll point to our 0-1 reverse in Gibraltar last season, then intentionally forget to mention Celtic won 3-0 at Celtic Park to progress 3-1 on aggregate.

Our two subsequent victories against FC Astana and Hapoel Be’er Sheva, took us all the way to the Champions League group stages, and the £30M pot that goes with it.

The Gullibears took last night’s defeat with the usual dignity, by surrounding the team bus as it tried to leave the stadium. Classy as always…

And to top of their miserable 24 hours, the Supreme Court this morning judged the use of EBT’s by Rangers (IL) was in fact illegal! Well colour me surprised.

David Murray had knowingly embarked on a tax evasion scheme to buy players they ‘couldn’t otherwise afford’*.

How to we know? As Alex Thomson said in another tweet, he repeatedly told us. (Murray) And all the while, the local media lackeys turned a blind eye to the ‘Biggest Scandal in British Sporting History‘, as did Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster, who both should face not only the sack, but criminal proceedings.

For years now, we’ve been told, ‘do nothing until the tax case is settled’, well that day has come.

IF, the rules are to be applied, without fear or favour, every game any EBT recipient played in, as they were illegally registered due to having two contracts, or side letters, must be reversed to a 0-3 scoreline.

I don’t care HOW MANY games it entails, justice has to be done. Every trophy, title and award MUST be stripped, in order for our game to show it won’t accept corruption.