When Ann Budge burst on the scene, she was greeted by the SMSM as some sort of female Messiah who was going to fix all of Scottish Football’s ills.

A successful businesswomen in her own right, she took the helm at Tynecastle and, with the help of the FOH, steered the club out of administration, and back to good financial health.

With a new main stand being erected at the Gorgie ground, she’s obviously go her hands full, but does that mean she’s taken her eye off the ball?

With every man and his dog aware that Sevco are living a hand to mouth existence, how could they possibly have been granted a license to spend three hours in the Europa League? Surely, under UEFA rules, they were ineligible? And surely as Hearts were the club who went without a European campaign, Ann Budge would be wanting assurances from the SFA?

Yet, we never heard a thing.

And surely, given the result of the SC last Wednesday Hearts would be looking for some sort of action being taken to punish the cheats? After all, I’m sure after Celtic, the Edinburgh club lost out more than any other.

Yet, we never heard a thing.

However, when Celtic supporters defaced a part of the Tynecastle ground with STICKERS, oor Annie was up in arms, giving Celtic all sorts, with a purpose you’d think might be reserved for someone who’s maybe cheated your club out of  millions of pounds.

So, what I’m really asking here is, has the Queen of Hearts given up her role to keep onside with the Knight of the Realm, the same one who cheated her club? Business is business after all….