The game of football has rules, and these rules are supposed to apply equally to all teams and clubs participating in teh sport.

So when a player is fouled by another for example, then regardless of what team the offender plays for, it’s a foul. Not for some obscure reason the officials may not see it at the time, therefore a foul isn’t given.

However, the same doesn’t apply to pundits and journalists, who have the benefit of replays and time to call the incident according to the rules. Seems fair enough?

But in Scotland, there is a real problem with this simple analogy.

Most, and I mean most, pundits and hacks cannot separate their professionalism from their blind faith in the team they support. So, when for instance, Kenny Miller makes a two footed lunge, Roger Hannah on Clyde SSB thinks it’s just a yellow card. The reason? Because it’s in the 5th minute, although he admitted its a sending-off if it’s in the 85th minute!

That supposition is nearly as bad as EBT recipient Steven Thompson on the BBC Sportscene programme, when he reckoned Clint Hill’s waist height assault in the last minute on Leigh Griffiths was ‘just a wee foul‘.

Not the sharpest tool in the box, Thompson gave the game away with admitting it was a foul, hence a penalty and sending off, as Hill was already booked, basically saying it’s against my former team so, the rules don’t apply.

‘The rules don’t apply’ seems to be a recurring theme were the team from Ibrox are concerned. And the media men don’t care how biased or unprofessional they look.