After the last week it’s great to have something positive going on and off the park.

Brendan, like the rest of us will be delighted to have striker Leigh Griffiths and defender Erik Sviatchenko, available for tonight’s crucial Champions League qualifier in Norway.

Although not match fit, both will add a bit of stability and give the team a more recognisable look as we aim to knock Rosenberg out of Europe’s Premier tournament.

The Bhoys seem to be in good spirits, though Leigh had to put up with a despicable taunt of ‘Paedo’ as he was signing autographs at Glasgow Airport yesterday. But in true Griffiths fashion, he put the moron in his place by reminding him his club no longer exists.  Now ‘beat it’. Well done Leigh.

All we need now is for Celtic to put in the kind of performance we know they’re capable of. Fingers crossed.

Off the park there was also some much anticipated good news.

Paul Brennan of Celtic Quick News announced on his blog this morning that moves are afoot for a Judicial Review of the LNS Commission, so much so the funding for the appropriate legal counsel has been secured, as has the services of the legal team.

As Paul points out, this Review is for the benefit of football fans from every team, except one.

And despite what the media say, there is an appetite from fans of other clubs to proceed. The notion that this is purely a Celtic only instigated process is a myth. One of many the media and authorities like to spin.

Paul also points out there is no need for crowdfunding at this moment in time, though it may be necessary at a later date. What is required now though, is patience.

We’ve come this far, and I know it’s frustrating, but a Judicial Review was always going to be a possibility. The likelihood of the SPL(SPFL)/SFA admitting wrongdoing was always a non-starter.

Let’s let the legal people do their stuff..

*From what I believe, Celtic are heavily involved in the process, and don’t let anyone tell you any different.