In my time of watching Scottish Football, dating back to 1971, the SFA have never been far away from farce or corruption, and not necessarily in that order.

I’d read of stories about George Graham, the former SFA President who tried to force Celtic into removing the Irish Tricolour from the ground in 1951 and about the ridiculous team selection for Scotland internationals, where prominent Hoops players were regularly overlooked in favour of players from Ibrox.

The governing body also sat on their hands and did nothing to support the club in our various struggles with FIFA and UEFA, namely after the Racing club debacle, and the Atletico Madrid and Rapid Vienna farces.

On all three occasions, the SFA could have backed Celtic, but chose to do nothing.

We’ve also had the dubious refereeing appointments over the decades. Unexplained, blatantly bias decisions, season after season. An official lying to our manager, only to be rehired a few years later. Record fine for Fergus McCann for allegedly ‘tapping up’ Tommy Burns.

The Jorge Cadete scandal, where SFA President Jim Farry deliberately withheld the Portuguese strikers registration, so he would miss the Scottish Cup semi-final, against Rangers (IL).

And we’ve had a player found guilty by the ‘law of probabilities’, a first for any sporting body.

Meanwhile they turn their heads to deliberate systematic tax evasion, improper player registration, law and rule breaking, admitted to in a court of law. Participate in a secret five-way-agreement to meet the demands of the same rule breaking club.

Allow career criminals to take office in member clubs, or should I say a member club. Ignore a conflicted President and let him to stay in office while his former club, where he was in charge of all administrative duties, was liquidated.

Add to that successive Presidents have openly expressed their dislike, or even hatred of Celtic. I’m sure Gordon Smith even blamed the schools for the games’ ills. Particularly Catholic schools.

This weekends comments from the current President Alan MacRae about ‘bringing Celtic back down to earth‘ must surely provoke some response from the club.

Or will we, as a club, and the rest of Scottish Football stand idly back while these dinosaurs ruin OUR game?

Judging by the initial reaction, it looks to me like the SFA aren’t answerable to anyone. And serve merely to accommodate any entity that plays out of Ibrox, where most of the committee would prefer to be….