Celtic CEO Peter Lawwell has given a timely reminder to those in authority that the club are a socially responsible organisation, and should be treated like one.

in an interview with The Herald, Peter has fired a shot across the bows of the politicians who seem determined to halt the club’s off the park progress.

Without picking on any particular party, Lawwell reminds everyone that Celtic DO pay our taxes, and should be judged on our own merits, not tied in with the old bias of ‘if one club gets something, what about the other?’, mentality that exists when it comes to Celtic and Rangers (IL).

Any credible argument for that to be the case died along with the old club that played out of Ibrox, the day and hour they decided not to pay the HMRC.

You can’t claim to be a responsible organisation, if you don’t act like one.

And that’s where Celtic win hands down.

Not only are we a large employer in Glasgow’s East End, we’ve helped change the landscape physically and socially considerably, and wish to do more. Our input to the community is massive.

Celtic embrace their responsibility by acting in a manner that benefits all. Not just our supporters, who do also contribute greatly in commercial terms, but to everyone, in and around the East End of the city.

All we ask in return, is to be dealt with fairly when it comes to moving forward.

If we can act responsibly, surely those in local authority and government can do the same. Is it too much to ask for?