You’ve got to hand it to the new Sevco manager, Pedro, after watching his new charges only four times on tape and once in the flesh, he’s already come to the conclusion he has the best squad in Scottish Football.

Ignoring the fact his team lost two, won two and drew one of the five games, and the gap between them and the real best squad in Scotland is 33 points, Pedro looks to have all the qualities of a do as you’re told Sevconian. (ignoring facts are an essential quality for a Sevconian)

His inauguration speech was something Donald Trump would have been proud of. If only he said, ‘let’s make Rangers great again!’.

He did though touch on the subject of the Holy Grail, though he won’t be allowed to say Holy at Ibrox, a European trophy. Their obsession to emulate Celtic as European champions has killed one club out of Govan already, don’t tell me the new club are going down the same road…

Kidding aside, we all know that puppet Pedro was reading a carefully prepared script from Jabba. His prints are all over the feel good nonsense, designed specifically to take advantage of the Gullibears while they are still in their stupor after drawing with the soon to be six-in-a-row champions.

Pedro, under the orders of Traynor, is priming the Gullibears to get aye ready to part with their cash for season books. His best team, European trophy crap will be swallowed hook, line and sinker by the thickest supporters in world football.

It’s what they want to hear, so hell mend them when it all falls apart and King & Co are onto their next mug.