I’ll bet when Pedro Caixinha was approached to move from Qatar to Scotland, he wasn’t aware of how popular he’d be with the SMSM, despite the way his team plays or the results they achieve.

In a matter of weeks, he’s been able to convince the already gullible fans of his tactical prowess, while managing to shift the blame for any setbacks onto either the former magic hat wearing Mark Warburton, or his less than capable players.

All this despite HIS Sevco team suffering the heaviest defeat at home of any team playing out of Ibrox for decades.

Quite something for a newcomer to the Scottish game.

It might be the fact that he’s a foreign manager, just like Ronny Deila, or he works for the new club, who have inherited the Establishment status from the old club. Whatever it is, the SMSM are certainly hanging on to¬† his every word, no matter what shite he spouts.

Pedro has already been given a platform to talk openly about other teams, their formations, the players he wants to sign from them, and now, after only a few weeks in the country, their coming demise.

I really doubt any other manager would get away with such nonsense.

Of course, there is a chance that the narrative spoken by Pedro, isn’t really his words. Could he just be following orders? Like he did when he told the rest of the world he’d inherited the best squad of players in Scotland.

Only to watch them capitulate against the Champions 5-1…

Pedro might be a decent guy. He was before he got to Ibrox. But then again, so were a number of people….

We can only pray for him…