Since the Green Brigade formed, there has been a different atmosphere to Celtic Park, and more often than not any away ground Celtic play at.

The colour, noise and fantastic displays they bring to our game may not be every Celtic fans cup of tea, but that’s only scratching the surface to what these ‘ultras’ do.

Season after season, game after game, they produce wonderful Tifos, turning Paradise into a magical sight, with tributes to famous Celtic men, past and present, as well as famous people who’s spirit of freedom is central to the same ethos of our support.

You’ll find them in the newly named North Curve, standing in British football’s first safe standing area, generating the kind of atmosphere that spreads so quickly around the stadium, shaking Celtic Park in it’s wake.

But let’s not take these Bhoys and Ghirls for granted.

As much as we all love Celtic, the time, effort and commitment to produce these wonderful displays by the Green Brigade is to be commended. With that in mind, they’ve produced a video to give us all an insight what was involved to put the One True Faith banner together.

I’m sure you like it.